“Pause if you must, but never stop. Taking a break is not surrender; it’s a moment of renewal and strength. Gather your breath, regain your focus, and begin again with unwavering determination when the time is right. The path to greatness is not without its resting spots, but remember, it’s the restart that leads to triumph.”


Well, look who is back?!!

Did y’all miss me? Thank you all for being so patient with me.

Life has its twists and turns, and sometimes our passions take a backseat amidst the hustle and bustle of life, family, work and daily routines…. I call it living.. just living life.

If you’ve found yourself neglecting your blog and writing aspirations, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Look at me making a return from my hiatus after two years. I think it’s time to reignite the flame and immerse myself once more in the joy of sharing my thoughts and experiences. In this blog post, I’ll somewhat highlight what has been happening. A lot has happened, but we will keep it short and sweet.

Life often throws us curve balls that demand our attention, and our creative pursuits sometimes suffer as a result. My hiatus was due to personal and family responsibilities and work commitments. I do miss  – the excitement, the vision, and the desire to connect with others through words.

The last two years have been family and being present with them and myself. I wanted to embrace the changes in me and around me and wanted that to breathe fresh life, and renew my voice on how to impact others.

So here is my two years highlight…..there are more, but I will slowly share… drum roll… drum roll again……

I Became a Fab mama of 3….. I can’t believe it, but it’s the best decision ever….



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I went to watch the Australian Open in Melbourne for the first time


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A post shared by Martha ‘Sonia’ Koroma – Style & Positive vibes (@sonish_space)


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A post shared by Martha ‘Sonia’ Koroma – Style & Positive vibes (@sonish_space)


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A post shared by Martha ‘Sonia’ Koroma – Style & Positive vibes (@sonish_space)



I’ve been busy. … Follow me on IG HERE. You will love it there too, I promise. Check out some of my outfits HERE.

Being a mother, wife, employee and creative can take its toll, but I miss it too, so I will start small to rebuild my love again and make time for things I love.

I hope you can accept me back with open arms again as I continue my self-discovery and express myself by oozing you with positive vibes.

Relax, Reset & Restart

With love and gratitude


Thinking In Colour

Thinking in colour

I am always, thinking in colour.

Colour closely reflects our emotions, it is powerful. This connection begins at a very young age.

Red could mean firey and confident, black could mean moody and yellow could mean happy. Even if we don’t realise it, we actually wake up thinking colour.

How did you choose your outfit this morning? Which colour did you “feel” like wearing?

I have always loved colour.

Colour helps me to display my personality, happiness and brightens me up on the days where I might feel a little dull. 

When I’m feeling a little quirky I might even clash colours to create something different that just works!

It’s definitely a skill to do it and turn it into style and not just a hot mess. 

Colour clearly reflects our emotions, it is powerful.
Let's brighten up the world, bring happiness and spread colour.

What colour are you today?

Tomorrow, I challenge you to change your colour into something bright. Let’s brighten up the world, bring happiness and spread colour. 

It can be difficult to wear a colour you aren’t used to wearing…but I can almost guarantee you that it will literally change your attitude throughout the day. 

Just looking down and seeing a fun, bright outfit will make you smile and will brighten your day. 

You could pick your colours by the way you already feel OR you could pick them around how you WANT to feel. 

See this colour guide below to help you out!

BLUE – calm, stable, wisdom

YELLOW – happy, energetic, youthful

BROWN – down to earth, reliable, natural

GREEN – fresh, hope, healing

PURPLE – royal, luxurious, fun

BLACK – mystery, power, intrigue, moody

WHITE – clear, innocent, pure

GREY – quiet, unsure, neutral

ORANGE – fun, energized, funky

PINK – fun, youthful, sassy

RED – passionate, sexy, intense

Thinking in colour
Thinking in colour
Thinking in colour

Get thinking in colour with me! I just adore this knit by @littlepartydress named the ‘Chameleon knit’. It is…

  • Happy, fun and energetic!
  • A great addition to your autumn/winter wardrobe
  • Can easily go from funky to stylish with the right accessories
  • Super cute as a dress or with your favourite pair of jeans and pumps!
Thinking in colour
Thinking in colour

Boiler suit alert. Are you in or out on this trend?

I know it’s been a minute (I have no excuse). This blog post has been in my draft for months, so at 1 am in the morning I finally won the battle over procrastination, hence why you are reading this yay!

How are you? Hope all is well with you and your family.

Ok, Let’s talk about this boiler suit trend. I am not even sure why this is a trend now ( was in heavy rotation 2018 and early 2019) because it has been around for years. Tradies or someone in a factory is wearing one right now. I don’t get it at all, but that’s fashion, right?

But why are they called Boiler suits? Boilersuits are so-called because they were first worn by men maintaining coal-fired boilers. Hmmm feeling the heat already.

But why are they called Boiler suits? Boilersuits are so-called because they were first worn by men maintaining coal-fired boilers. Hmmm feeling the heat already.

I was easily pulled into the mix when I saw it on Victoria Beckham and other fellow bloggers. To be honest, they are stylish, relaxed, easy to pair and really do maintain a statement appeal like this one I scored from Zara for $20 under from $179. It was an impulse buy and I would have never really bought it at that price…… NO WAY

Comfortable, minimal and perfect for activities (what can’t you do wearing one), the humble jumpsuit has managed to infiltrate most wardrobe, and seriously though I think it’s only getting bigger from here — As we are in winter- spring here in Australia, there’s never been a better time to stock up.

Honestly, after owning one myself I can truly agree with others now that the boiler suit/jumpsuit trend is a fairly simple one to pull off. Pair yours with slides or low boots, add something glitzy like a brooch or pair of long earrings and call it a day. Jump on/in!


Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think. Benjamin Disraeli. So change your attitude to set up your aptitude.

Denim dress: Boohoo (old 2017) Similar,  Cropped  Shirt: Missguided (old) I like this Here, Heels: Tony bianco (old): similar Here, bag: I like this Here. Glasses: I like this Here

Your Body, Your heart, your mind and your spirit are your tools. You need all of these tools to be in a usable condition to achieve whatever you want to achieve. You must value your own time and energy. Stop the fear-based mentality and just enjoy life and strive to be the best you can be. THINK BIG.

Denim dressOk, let us talk about this denim dress that is making a buzz on my IG (sonish_space). I bought this denim dress from boohoo (I came even find the order confirmation from boohoo) in 2017 and just left it with the other not sure pile in my suitcase and didn’t even realise it was there, until my friend (NINIQUE_MEDIA) came over to my house and we were organising for a shoot when she noticed it and we decided to create this modern geek look. So this outfit was just one of those no brainer combo by accident (lol).  The cropped shirt is from missguided (old too).

Are you a denim girl? I like denim because it never goes out of style and you can rock it in any season. How would you have styled this dress? Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you think.

Thanks so much for the love. Sending you all lots of love and light.



Oh winter, the season I love to hate. I love the fashion and not the season itself. There is something about winter fashion that I really love. Well, I love the layering, the boots, scarfs, coats, jackets and everything you choose to add to keep warm.

Are you ready for winter? Let me tell you about one thing you need to be winter ready.

Top: Here  Skirt: Here Boots: Here Glasses: Here  Denim Jacket: Here Hangbag: Here

I believe there are opportunities everywhere and it’s up to us to recognise them and take action.
 SUIT: Here   Heels:  Here   Glasses: Here

Hi, lovely peep,

Thanks for always stopping by, today I wanted to share the below caption I shared on Instagram to celebrate International Women’s Day.

If you are a woman reading this, I am so proud of all that you do and if you are a man reading this, thank you for supporting us to be all that we were created to be and for recognising us as equals and nothing less.

Enjoy the read

I wear pink to celebrate women on International Women's Day

Loving the snakeskin trend


Shop the look here

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Handbag from adorne here

Mindset matters

 Happy New Year guys. Wow! If you are reading this I am so happy that you get to see 2019. I pray that this year will bring you all your heart desires and so much more, but you have to do the work and trust the process.

In this day and age, we all want things so fast and quick and we are always finding ways to cut corners, but truth be told every great thing you want in life do take time to manifest. So not because you are not seeing a quick result doesn’t mean nothing is happening in the background. It’s like going to the gym, you will need to work for several months with sheer commitment, sweat, hard work to see the abs or whatever you are trying to achieve. Talking about gym and abs, is that part of your New Year resolutions? If so I wish you well, don’t quite because it’s hard. I made my decision mid last year to live a healthy lifestyle and to be a better version of myself.

Trusting the process is something I’m still learning. For example, after giving birth to my daughter I wanted to snap back as soon as she popped out (literally), after going to the gym twice a day, strict diet and nothing was happening I was frustrated and heartbroken. I have to pull myself out of that mindset with support from loved ones that I have to trust the process and love my body at every stage. How powerful is our body, Gosh I bless it for putting up with me for so long (lol).


Sometimes we find someone to motivate you. This is the Sexy Summer


So in 2019, I have intentionally gone into that mindset of keep doing my best and trust the process and in due time the result will manifest itself. So I urge you to set your intentions, do the work and trust the process.

Well for gym lovers this PLT sportswear range is a must have for the gym. Such a great variety and you will be able to mix and match it to spice up those hard gym sessions.

What do you think?


Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!

No what how bad you feel about yourself or how people may have made you feel about yourself, you have a talent, a special gift given to you by God to share with the world.

I trust that you are doing well. Thank you all for being so patient with me, in regards to updating my blog. I have no excuse at all.

I love this google definition:


1.natural aptitude(gift) or skill.

So pay attention to that natural flow, the things that just make your soul happy. Become more conscious of the things that inspire you to do your very best.  That is your gift and work on it, enhance it if need be.

For me, I believe my talent/gift is the ability to inspire others with my words and actions. I am very intentional in the way I treat people and I always leave people better than I met them. love to affirm others and find the best in others because that is what I believe I called to do. In so doing helps me become the best version of myself.

Check out Your Inspiration Platform where I share all things inspirational. It’s so important that whatever your gift you have to share it with love and make yourself and others better.

Comment below and let me know what are your talents/gifts.

Today lets talk about this sandal they are called MAARIA from novoshoes. They are the comfiest heels have owned by far and this leather shoulder bag from addison road.  They are both versatile pieces. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of sandal and shoulder bag to add to your spring wardrobe, then these are must-haves that will look good with everything. Having it in black is an extra bonus as they will go with most items in your wardrobe.

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You can’t have a bad day in polka dots and tan boots

How are you all doing?  I am much better now. Last week, I shared an honest post on my IG of how I was suffering from anxiety, I felt like I was in a deep hole, as there is so much going on in my life at the moment that I lost control of my emotions. Read about it here. Sometimes life can hit us hard and we find it so hard to shake it off, that’s what happened to me. I am so happy that I have people around me, that I was able to talk to and they supported me during this time.  Life can get to all of us at times, it’s ok to talk about it and get help.

On a lighter note,  I seriously think I am in a polka dot phase right now in my life.  I have been buying polka dots items so much, it’s like reuniting with a long lost true love. I am not regretting the reunion at all.  I found this bodysuit at Zara on sale and it was drawn to my eyes mainly because of the print and I envisioned pairing it with this Tan boots I got from Novo shoes. Winter is now coming to an end in Australia, so it’s great a time to get more boots for next winter. The one thing I like about boots is you can wear it for a couple of winters as they maintain their trendiness each year.  I am wearing the Nadaya, it’s now $60 so grab yours now from Novo shoes website.

You take care of you and reach out if you are feeling down. Talk to someone or seek professional help if you can. Anxiety is a joy killer so seek help and keep living your best life.

Outfit details

Boots: Novo shoes

bodysuit: Zara

Handbag: Adorneme

This post is sponsored

Don’t forget to grab a copy of this month’s vogue magazine!

OK, I must admit winter in Brisbane is not as bad compare to the rest of Australia or the world, but goodness some days it does make its presence known.

How are you all going? I bet some of you are enjoying the hot weather from your end of the world, while we in Australia are layering up to keep warm.


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Straw hatstraw hatstraw hatstraw hattan handbag

As you go through the rest of the week, I want you to remember this ‘ whatever it is that you are going through, you are better and stronger than it and it won’t last forever.

For me, recently I have been feeling stuck and not wanting to do anything, once I start feeling that way I run to the throne and uplight myself with things that make me laugh or empowers me. One thing I found really good that helps me is when I reach out to inspire someone else, while I am struggling with my life.  Remove the focus from you and on to others, who need help and you will see how much better you feel as well and make things become more clearer in your life

Today’s look is very basic and casual. Super comfy. Seriously some days in Brisbane you will want to cover everything up. A basic white tee and a pair of black jeans always do the trick, and in this case, I have added the denim shirt from H&M men) to give the look an extra feel, I was going for a baggy fit.  Can you believe that I have owned these boots for 3 years and just wearing it for the first time? I usually get rid of things, but there was something about these boots that made me hang on to them. Works so perfect for those cold winter dates with friends or hanging out with family. Ok, now the highlight for this look is my warm and fluffy handbag from adorne, I adore this bag so stylish, warm and a go too for winter trust me.

winter styleWinter stylewinter style styl

Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation… John Mason. It may not always go your way, but soldier on.

Polka Dot DressPolka Dot Dress

Wow, how this year has flown by so fast. Happy new month Y’all and welcome to July, we have passed the halfway mark of 2018. Can you believe it?

What have you achieved? Are you still on target with your goals? Are you celebrating your achievements and wins?. The most important thing is that you are moving forward and working towards the dream.

By the way how gorgeous is this polka dot dress?

The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrateOprah Winfrey

Happy Birthday….. Happy Birthday to ME. (still celebrating lol)

Hey, Y’all! I must admit this has been the longest time, I went MIA on the blog. Well am back now and thanks to all who kept supporting me through my other social media platforms and thanks if you are now joining my blog family.

Y’all know that I turned BIG 30 last month (29th April) and most of you were on my social media platforms wishing me happy birthday and praying for me. For that, I will be forever indebted to you.

Turning 30 was such a big deal for me back then, but once it’s arrived, I figured it was not so scary at all. For one I don’t even look my age, two am just grateful for life and all that I have achieved thus far.

So in this post today I wanted to share 30 things I have learnt and still learning thus far in my life, but I will share 10 in this post and the rest in upcoming posts.

Now let’s move on to talk about the outfit. Well, I’m a street style kinda girl, who also love dressing up and this multi Gown tick all the boxes because it does give me the flexibility to play around. I added this Millinery to make it extra oh well it was my birthday so am allowed to go extra… Lets pause and give this millinery the love it so deserves. I just love the classy feel, this was my first time having a millinery on and I am so adding more to my closet. To finish the look, I have this tassel earring, and the best part is that they are a clip on….

Shop this look

Today am wearing

Dress: When Freddie met Lilly – Sarita Gown

Millinery: Keegan Mae Millinery – Veiled Turban twist

Earring: Adorne- Beaded Teardrop Tassel clip on

Daniel Wellington WatchWe all live hectic lives! We work, take care of family and making time for ourselves. We need a watch to keep up with our crazy lifestyle, and any Daniel Wellington watch will do. They are so elegant and classy with sophisticated details.

When I finally received mine (Classic Petite- Sterling in Silver)  I was very excited; it was all that I imagined it to be, and it’s a great pleasure to be reviewing it today. After seeing it all over Instagram and now owning one is such a great feeling. I am not a very accessories girl, but recently I have been gathering quite a collection, especially watches as I am always on my phone, but am glad to announce that my position has changed and adding this DW piece to the mix just elevated it all together.

There was so much choice on the website, but I was drawn to the Classic Petite range 28MM. I did an unboxing on snap chat ( @sonishspace) because I was so excited about the packaging.

slit pant


slit pant

Life is so short, and your departure will never be fully announced, so live your life the best way you can and try to make a difference in someone’s life (at least one person). Losing my uncle last month (18th October 2017) made me question so many things in my life, and now I am so conscious of everything around me. I was devastated and hurt how his life was cut short like that, but I know that God is in control and his plans for all of us are good and not evil, even though I might not like it, but he has given me peace to move on and continue to live my life remembering my uncle of all the good memories we shared.

The series continues and welcome to part 3 (last of the series)  of my grey turtleneck dress 3 ways. Please read part 1 and part 2

Grey turtleneck dressGrey turtleneck dressGrey turtleneck dress

The series continues and welcome to part 2 of my grey turtleneck dress 3 ways.  Please read part 1 here

Grey turtleneck dress

Stay away from drama, but let your sleeves be dramatic like this Zara Top

Hey guys …… Happy Hump day!!!! How are we all doing?  Hope fine.. I’m doing great and settling well into my new job.  It’s busy, but I like being busy and plus I have so much variety in this job.

Talking about variety, I love having varieties in my life and especially a versatile closet. Being a Corporate girl, I tend to wear boring button up shirt and as I mentioned in my last post, I am spicing things up a little and that’s another story altogether.

For my everyday outings, I try to veer away from boring tops and go for tops with statements like this pink Zara flared sleeves top …. I love how the sleeves are so dramatic and goodness its so soft and comfy too. It’s just so lovely how it moves with the wind.

Grey turtleneck dressIn this series ..I will be sharing how I style my grey turtleneck dress 3 different ways.. Trust me, one look will surely resonate with you (so watch out for part 2 and 3). As you all may know, our current season in Australia is winter, and we are layering like crazy and the cold is coming high on us. This dress is my go-to for the moment,  its very comfortable and not too short so I’m able to wear it for semi formal occasions like work, church and the in-between. By the way, do you remember me styling this dress …here?

Ankara & White Tee & ConverseCan you believe we are half way through 2017? Geez.. June already?…. Time and tide wait for no man say, Chinua Achebe.. oh boy time is ticking very fast… or is this just me. On that note, happy new month and welcome to winter all my Aussie folks. How are you all doing? I am doing and feeling great. I’m also feeling pumped and ready for what the rest of 2017 will bring me. I’m starting a new job this month. I feel like each year is changing jobs.. well it’s more like changing workplaces because am still doing the same job with added responsibility….for those of you who don’t know I am a Compliance Officer. I specialise in AML/CTF and Sanctions…. I will let you research on it if you are too curious. I thank God for his continually Grace upon my life because I love improving myself and the booze of new challenge excites me. I hope you are also noticing the change in my vibe and pictures because am stepping up my game (that’s the aim). You all have been a tremendous support to me, always pushing me. I’m thankful for you all.

Hello beautiful people!! Happy Sunday

Your words become your world, so use them to widen your horizon or should I say flare them

Flare pants, words have powerToday I want to stir the same emotions I have been stirring in myself lately. I know we all have heard, read and reminded ourselves that our ‘words’ have power. Yep! Power to destroy or heal. I want to reinforce the latter. I’m asking you today, to re-check the words you are using and why do you use those words?

serving olive and blush today

Hey guys.

Hope you have been well and enjoying life each day as it come.

I want to encourage you this week with these words ‘let people think whatever, you just keep bettering yourself’

Olive dress So this post will be sweet and short as well as special as I will be sharing how I styled my three items from Tobi online store. The two items are casual, while one can be worn as an day-evening dress ( date night especially).

Can I just say, your style can be sporty, classy, ladylike, edge, casual or whatever you might decide to call it. You have to own it, embrace it and refine it every time.

Ankara love to start my week…..

The weekends are always a blur, don’t you all agree? I’m still a believer that weekends should be three days instead of two.

Welcome to the world of Sonia/Sonishspace in 2017

I know they say we have to wing it, but today I’m fringing it

Denim and a wood watch are my weekend essentials

Happy new month everyone. Any goals to smash this month? I still can’t believe we only have one month remaining in 2016.

I want to remind you (including me) that its never too late to start on that dream that has been eating you up inside.

This PJ top was made with me purposely in mind.

Hey lovelies.

I missed you all so much.

Goodness,  its feels like forever since my last post. Truth be told it’s been over a month now. I drafted this post a month ago and never got around to finish it. That’s just terrible I should admit. Maybe its because I started wearing this PJ top (hahaha)

cnp_6657I hope the month of October has been good to you. It has for me compare to September. Lot has happened on my end from travelling, work, funeral, illness and life events in general.

Below is just a quick summary of my life since my last post:


Now your turn, let me know what you have been up to in the comment box.

My Fashion Corner:

Let me start by saying that I picked up this Zara PJ top for $2. Yep! that right.

I know am always late with trends, but I was definitely sceptical about this one, when I first read about it in my cosmopolitan magazine. I knew it fit right up in my aisle being the lazy person that I am, but I was like this is laziness on a new whole level. At the back on my mind though I found this trend so cool. From my research it’s was streamline to street wear back in the 80s, but whoever decided to bring it back kudos to them.

I saw few in Zara and H & M stores, but it just wasn’t happening for me and then it does after I found the bargain at an Op (thrift) shop. Ok!! its quite obvious that the price got me in.


So in love with the silk and soft feel on you silk. Being wearing this top a lot lately, I will try and wear it to work one of these days because that’s the only place i haven’t worn it yet to.

I also learnt a lesson that never say never because you just don’t know.

Outfit details:

Top: Zara (thrift)

Jean: H & M (old)

Heels: Witchery (old)


I am super excited today!!!!!!!! I hope you all have been adding your favourite items to your wishlist at the Style Palace E-store.

If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it

 “Encourage each other and build each other up”

“Just like they say. Life happens, move on”

“Stop beating yourself  up. You are a work in progress, which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once”

“Every Experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it”

O’ death, where is your sting.  I’m shocked with the news of the sudden death of a dear aunt of mine. She went to bed on Tuesday and didn’t wake up, no one knew  till Friday because she live alone in her apartment (teary eyes).  She was one amazing and free spirited person full of life and happiness, and people always feed off her energy. It was never a dull moment with her.

‘Do what you can with what you have where you are’ Theodore Roosevelt

Enjoy the place where you are now and take every opportunity to learn from it. Hope you all are doing great. As for me, am feeling a bit geeky and cheeky at the same time with this glasses I bought from Zara the other day. Not my norm, but I found it really cool. Do you have one cool item in your closet as well?

‘Spread some good vibes’

This is from me to you.

– You are more than enough don’t let anyone deter you from that belief. It doesn’t matter what you are going through or feeling right now. Nothing last forever and when you think you can’t take it anyone and at the brink of giving up, just give it your last push and it’s usually  end up to be the only thing that was required for the beak through.

‘Stay focus and look at the bright side of life’

It’s midweek again. Don’t you just love the feeling that you are half way to the weekend again. What are you plans for the weekend? Am having a little getaway with the family, driving 14hrs to see my inlaws. That’s a trip for sure and I will be sleeping almost all the way. 

Today I am sharing the pictures from the shoot i did couple of weeks ago for an interview on being a blogger and my aspirations. I shared a link here , you can have a read just in case you didn’t see it previously.

‘Don’t be in a rush to figure everything out. Embrace the unknown and let your life surprise you’

I saw this quote above and I’ve been holding on tight to this concept of living, so these days I sit down and smile in appreciation of life, including everything I have, everything I am currently striving towards and accepting the things I know I can’t have. With that in mind, I hold onto faith that all the veers are all path to take me to my destination.

“Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow”

Hope you all are having a great week so far? I’m having does week when am determined to stay positive and work my way through to the end.

I’m planning to do a Q&A soon on the blog and would appreciate  if you can ask me questions so we can know each other a little better

Thanks for stopping by and please leave the questions in the comment box  and enjoy the rest of your week.

Outfit detail:

Top: very old, Shirt: Gap, Pants & handbag: H&M, Boots: Wittner

Talk soon

‘Don’t count the days. Make the days count’

If you follow me on facebook you would have seen the pictures of me and my son co-ordinating to welcome daddy home after six-months of serving in Afghanistan. My son was so excited to see his daddy, I was unable to contain his screaming . A priceless moment (I nearly became teary) something that will stay with me forever.

Guess who is also making an appearance on the blog today? if you guessed my son, then you are right. During the shoot, he put up a massive tantrum to have a turn to say ‘cheese’ and ‘thumb up’. Everyone, please meet Master Nathan Koroma- the head of the Koroma family as he commands everyone in the house of how we need to be doing the things he wants.

So how are you all doing? I’m great overall, but in terms of physical wellbeing, I’m exhausted from cleaning the house. oh! how I hope it will stay that way especially my closet which I always turn into a war zone just to find an outfit.

Lately, I feel like my life is on cruise control with minimal or no action at all. I use to be so active and adventurous and now I find myself bored and tired to do anything. I’ve gotten into the habit of letting life happen, feeling down and alone, at the same time my subconscious mind is shouting so many exciting things I should be doing, but my conscious mind is set on making me feel miserable.

I’m I the only one feeling this way?

I was reading a friend’s blog earlier this week,  she read a book by Marie Kondo about living intentional and taking action to keep your surrounding tidy which is an expression of your life, and it gave me a thought that this concept applies to my life right now. To be honest, it’s not really impossible once I put my mind to it I can get a lot done.
So this is the plan:-
Find two things to do that I haven’t previously done on each weekend by myself (-or with a friend) or with my family.
Keep track of my progress till end of the year then I will add as I go, as I don’t want to overcrowd my weekend with activities and then get stressed.

Please feel free to make suggestions.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and talk soon.


My fashion corner:
You all know how I love my bright colours and today and wearing two vibrant colours in the neon department. I love this outfit as it casual chic and effortless, which can be transition from day to night easily.
I was only planning to wear the basic white tee on its own, but the current weather couldn’t allow it, hence the use of the denim shirt which I believe worked out well as it gives the look some form of layering which I love doing in winter.

Are you asking why fuschia heels? My response will be why not? It’s such a rich colour that will make every outfit pop.

Outfit details:
Denim shirt: Zara Men, Tees: Jay Jay, Jean and Heels: GoJane, clutch: Adorne

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“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts your life will change.”

Hello! Hello! ……. Welcome back to sonish space. How are you all doing? Mine has been a mixture but mostly involve cleaning the house for Hubby’s arrival on Thursday after six months of serving his country overseas. ………….Excited!

So I’m trying to organise myself in regards to by blog post frequency, as we are now in the second half of the year. I still can’t believe, well I should believe now because we are in July already. Enough of my sarcasm, I am updating my blogging calendar to post twice a week (that’s the plan and idea). The post will be on Sundays and Wednesdays.Sundays post will comprise of a summary of my week, share with you different topics and things that fancy me or share my experience in other words just like my current format. Wednesdays will be my wordless post (not in entirety), which will be just pictures and outfit details or responses to any questions.

I haven’t decided on the timing just yet, but if I choose one I want to be consistent with it. Taking into consideration my work hours, especially for Wednesdays.

This post was supposed to be my first wordless post, but I thought I will provide a background of the direction sonishspace is heading, so you won’t be that surprise.

Thank you all so much for your continuous support and visiting constantly and leaving your kind words. If you have any questions or suggestions please drop them in the comment box and I will surely incorporate them or respond.

Enjoy the rest of your week you all and speak soon.

Outfit details:

Jumper and pants: H&M , Heels: Tony Bianco, Handbag: Portmans

Happy New Month Everyone!

‘Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant’ 

 How are you all doing? Wow we have passed the sixth month in 2016. I’m very thankful to God for life and making it this far in good health and countless blessings. I’m sorry I was gone for a minute, a whole two months. I needed some time to put myself together and stay on track with things I was lagging behind on. Which still not completely on track (don’t judge am slow like that). I hope I was missed (hahaha).

Hi, Lovelies,
I hope you all are keeping well. I know I haven’t been on here for a minute, and a lot has happened and changed. That’s for another day, but I wanted to share the pregnancy glow denim and denim look I shared on my IG on the weekend.
There is something about double denim that is always so giving. Let me know what you think.

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I hope you all are keeping well. I left April another year older but that’s not a bad thing! Because I celebrated my born day on the 29th of April.

Every year and every day I appreciate life a little bit more. I am so grateful and content for all that I have and for those that surround me.

I am so blessed to be living this life, whilst not perfect I live it with no regrets and I am saying YES to new experiences! I appreciate all the ups, downs, cry, laughs, smiles, and everything in-between as it is all making my life so rich. So RICH

I know my best days are still ahead of me because God is the center of my life.

I know my best days are still ahead of me because God is the center of my life.

This year is flying by, this month we start another quarter of 2021, how exciting is that!! Are you excited?

You should be, as there is so much that can happen in this, think about all the possibilities.

In my President, Ronald Reagan voice baby girl- “Sonia (<– insert your name) tear down all the walls”. The ones you have built and the ones others have built for you too because there is so much more to see in this world. So many wonderful experiences to enjoy and live. There’s so much more than this. And I don’t need to see it to believe it! You don’t need to see it to believe it either.

I don’t care what materials you might have used to build it, but it needs to come down. Seriously, bring it all down. Life is for the living and is way too short to hold on to lost things. Someone is missing out on the great soul you are and can be. In fact, you are missing out on yourself.

Getting out of my own way and letting the good energy flow is my current vibe _ so you may ask how I am doing this? By being the energy I want to receive, I have the choice to act on all the negatives in my life but I choose to move away from them…audaciously!

Getting out of my own way and letting the good energy flow is my current vibe

Moving on is like learning a new habit, and that takes so much energy and grace to acclimatize, but you have to make it a deliberate decision.

So, today I dare you to take a minute of silence! …………….After the minute, that silence was for the loss of all the doubts, hurts, and heartbreaks and the beginning of a new era to step into your promise land in other words………Moving on to be the best person you can be. I really mean living and enjoying life not just surviving or conforming to the norms.

Do you have the audacity to make a move?

My Style Corner:

I chose this outfit as my birthday outfit because it is stylish, comfortable with a little bit of sexy thrown in there too! 

This suit was definitely perfect for the occasion.

  • The color speaks elegantly in a subtle loudness. You know what I am talking about  
  • This suit set is called ‘ The bright light” because of the sequin details which I fell in love with it and I wanted to shine bright as I celebrate another year of life.
  • I am a blazer person so you will be seeing me style this blazer a lot. You have been warned !!!
  • I am not exactly a shorts kinda girl but this one works so well. It’s high-waisted, with a wild leg fit which is very flattering. I use the shorts belt as a waist tie. Did you tell?
  • This suit is by Sass & Bide and it’s currently on sale at Myers. I have listed a couple of similar items in my SHOP


What are you waiting for? I think we can all agree that from time to time we procrastinate, sometimes we put things off…for various reasons. It might be because we are scared, anxious, time-poor, or let’s admit it, sometimes just a little lazy.

It might just be something as simple as cleaning the kitchen cupboards, forgiving a friend, starting a new business, or telling someone you love them.

We wait, make excuses and delay until we feel safe…and if we don’t feel safe, we put it off for longer! Most of the time this doesn’t benefit you, it just makes the process longer and the fear festers and grows.

You are stronger, wiser, and more capable than you realize!

You are stronger, wiser and more capable than you realise!

It is so easy to overanalyze, but most of the time it’s unnecessary and when you put the first foot in that direction that fear will turn to excitement!

I know it is daunting, I have been there! When I began SonishSpace I was terrified of putting myself out there. What would people think? Do people even care about what I have to say? As you are reading this blog right now…the answer was YES. I took a deep breath, and I jumped.

Take the time to forgive, bring your dreams into reality and stop delaying.

Take the time to forgive, bring your dreams into reality and stop delaying.

I am sending out to you, positive vibes and confidence to do it. Go for it. Jump!

What have you been putting off? What are you waiting for?

My Style Corner:

Brighten up your Autumn! This is the season for stunning maxi dresses like Little Party Dress Coco Pink Floral. I love…


The Little Party Dress - Isadora Plum Dress | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

WOW!!!! We have finished a quarter of 2021 already….can you believe it?! Because I’m really struggling to get my head around it!

Happy New Month!! I am a little excited about this month, why? Because it’s my birthday month of course!

As I enter into this new month, I have been thinking about the past and why we hold on to it. Are you thinking the same thing too? Do you think about the past more than the present or the future? Why is that?

If the past is on your mind, think with me, and let’s try to work out why…

What is in your past that is holding you back?
Can you change it?
What would you have done differently?
Do you think life was better or worse compared to now?

These are questions that I also struggle with, and today I want us to try and add some words to these endless thoughts.

There are blessings coming to you (or perhaps past you – grab them!) every…single…day.

There are blessings coming to you every…single…day.

From an honest point of view, my answers to these questions and why I hold on to certain memories change in every passing day. Life as we know it is constantly changing and as humans, we grow stronger, wiser, and get closer to our life’s purpose every single day…this can be daunting, exciting, and perhaps a little bit scary. We learn from new experiences and these alter our perspective, even if only in the slightest of ways. 

HINT! HINT!  If you allow yourself to just be, some of these memories will become a blur.

In saying that, the truth is, some things about my past I miss and that’s that. It is the past and like T.D. Jakes always says, what’s in front of you is way better than what’s in your past.

Don’t be too stuck that you can’t afford to pay attention. I have learned to live in the moment and pay attention to what’s happening in my life right NOW!

Your past is NOT your potential. Choose to liberate yourself in the present and make preparation for the future.

Your past is NOT your potential.

Appreciate the past and experience the present…… IT IS NOW so enjoy it.

Let me know in the comments about your thoughts…… sending love and light your way.

The Little Party Dress - Isadora Plum Dress | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

The Little Party Dress – Isadora Plum Dress | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

My Style Corner:

Don’t you just love Little Party Dress Isadora Plum dress.  It’s a must for this season and here are my reasons:

The Little Party Dress - Isadora Plum Dress | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

The Little Party Dress - Isadora Plum Dress | @sonish_space Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

The Little Party Dress - Isadora Plum Dress | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

The Little Party Dress – Isadora Plum Dress | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Happy new year!!!  Well, we are already 24 days in and I am still trying to get my head around it.


Welcome to 2021, WOW! can you believe it, yes I can, we all can because most of us are happy to bid farewell to 2020 and was looking forward to 2021. So how is 2021 looking for you?

Mine started on the slow side – more context (here) and Brisbane (the side I reside in Australia)  went into an emergency 3 days lockdown on Friday 8th to Monday 11th at 6 pm. That went well and all in back to kinda normal as there are other limitations in place to help contain the virus.

2020 came at us with lots of life-changing events and create for us all a new normal. It really made us realised what’s important- Family, not taking things for granted, putting our financial house in order and I hope it was the same for everyone to start – start it because you really don’t have much time.

What was your new normal entering into 2021? 

As for me, I’m going to make more time to write in my diary. Also, to spend more time on here. I really do miss writing and letting you know what am doing and what am generally thinking about it to motivate you. Most importantly this year is to experience the bliss of being.

I want to engage more in moments of pure consciousness, one thing 2020 has thought me is nothing is really permanent and things can change so quickly you will never get the chance to be prepared. So I want to live in the moment and provide more space for much-needed serenity. I want to just be, see life as it is and detach from any expectations and outcomes. This year like any other year, I have no resolutions just intentions. My intentions are to be happy, remain peaceful, and enjoy every moment with loved ones.

What are your resolutions or intentions?


I just want to experience life – the highs and the lows without clinging. I want to find time to go in and find my serenity. Like we all may know, peace is found within ourselves. Being on social media, the information can be overwhelming at times and it can be draining. As we are always on and constantly stimulated. I really want to build a habit of retreating back and be still even for a moment for some solitude. That’s my intention.

Till then, set your intentions and trust the process.

  My style Corner

Outfit Details:

Top: Missguided – Similar to this, this and this

Pants: Topshop (last year) –  Similar to this, this, and this

Vest: Primark

Handbag: Adorne – Similar to this, this, and this

Shoes: Zara. Similar to this, this and this

I really think one should own one PJ satin pants in their wardrobe (a colourful one at that). They are comfortable, versatile and you can pair it with a lot of your tops. It’s one of that easy-breezy outfit for your up and go ootd. Do you own one and if so how did you style it. If you don’t own one, what are you waiting for?

Is anyone home? Well, I haven’t been home (on here) for what seems like a decade, so this is my return note to say thank you for sticking with me especially via my other social media platforms.

It’s been one ride of a year and I truly hope you are coping and doing well. I really don’t want to dwell on how 2020 started and is still going, but all I can say is we should be grateful- we are still here. So keep your peace, be kind, take care of yourself more, show yourself extra love and kindness, and start that project. TAKE ACTION.

None of my fears can't go where I'm headed

I’m usually not the type to look up the lyrics of a song, but when I heard the mood 4 ever song by Beyonce from the Gift album, I was drawn to check out the lyrics. So, I looked up the lyrics and I was instantly drawn to this statement “none of my fears can’t go where I’m headed”. Can you relate? Well, say it a couple of times before moving on 1….2….3… OK! I hope this affirmation has somehow helped to shake off some of the uneasiness that is currently weighing you down. Whatever it is, you can get through it.

How are you? Happy new year! I can still say that since we are still in January. I feel like I haven’t kept you up to date like forever. Let me start, I am well on all fronts – work, family and living life is keeping me busy in a good way. If you follow me on Instagram (@sonish_space) you get to see a bit more.

To become successful in anything we have to take action despite being scared, to be courageous in the face of fear

Ok, let’s talk about this famous word ‘FEAR’ or should I say emotion? Fear is a word and emotion we are all familiar with. What is Fear? Fear is defined by google as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm”. I have experienced this unpleasant emotion all my life. I am feeling it right now writing this post, but guess what, you are reading this post. Did you get the giveaway of how to deal with fear?
Fear will always be part of our lives. I have never met anyone who hasn’t experience any unpleasant emotions daily. If you are not part of the statistics, please share your strategy and by the way, which planet are you from? because in this current world we live in we have become excessively fearful, which is as a result of so many underlying factors. .. are you thinking so few right now?….Think about that.
Fear will always be part of your life. You have to choose to use fear as a springboard to push yourself forward instead of allowing it to cripple you. Trust me, fear can cripple you if you don’ deal with it. I am a living testimony. I use to fear what people will say or think about me, losing my job, death, not having enough money, losing my family and well the list is endless. One thing I have come to realise is that some things cannot be fixed, but can be adequately managed with daily positive practice. That’s how I have been dealing with my fears. Even during the positive practice, there will be bad days and good days. So you have to learn to appreciate deeply the good days because you will need to call on them during the bad days.

What is fear to me? Fear is my sceptic inner voice that is always the first to ask me questions as soon as I decide to step outside of my comfort zone, using all my past mistakes as references to caution me. At times in a good way, I created this voice fortunately and unfortunately. How you may ask? I have consciously and unconsciously fed this voice by just living life. I don’t blame this voice because, in the past, I paid too much attention to it and let it drown my other reasoning voices. Now, if this voice is shouting one thing I tend to do the opposite. Like the saying goes, whatever you focus on expands.


How do I deal with fear? In so many ways, but here are a few ways that I deal with fear every day and I hope you can resonate with one at least.

Here we go:

    1. I fill my mind with positive things – by doing things that make me laugh, I surround myself with positive people (find your tribe), reading an inspiring book or simply listening to my favourite music (I have a playlist called ‘my happy songs’), podcasts or preachings. I also surround myself with positive affirmations at work and at home.
    2. Smile more – I was reading a HuffPost and it states that one way to deal with fear is to smile. SMILE. I love to smile and I had a haha moment because I love to smile. I always find something to smile about. TRUST ME, there is so much happening around you that will put a smile on your face. FORCE IT if you may, but just smile.
    3. Let things flow. My expectations and attachment to things and people have decreased over the years. Well, in the past 3 years at least. Not like I don’t care, but I am not as fearful now as to what might happen if I lose people or things. I now allow things to flow. Whatever will be, will be.

It’s ok to be fearful, but don’t let it stop you. Sure, fear is usually a reaction to something happening around us, but the feeling of fear always starts from within. So, check yourself regularly and resolve issues as they arise. Remember, if you created it, you can take it away too.

My style Corner

Are you a street style person? I do love a street style look and in all fairness, a nice pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a statement heels can take you far. Try it. Did you notice my mobile accessory? I got mine from pyrnlife in coco. This is my go-to now because I am tired of my phone getting lost in my handbag. Being a mother of a toddler I have to carry so many things in my handbag for just in case- mess, bribery snacks for the foreseen behaviours. With all that in my handbag no wonder my phone always get lost in my handbag.