1. Goodness, only God knows how sultry you look…. Thanks for making my Monday and entire week in general….. You look absolutely stunning… And congratulations on your addition to the amazing fam…. The designs are to die for…. Have a great week hun.

  2. That two piece set is life Soni! Way too gorg i must say. It was really made for you. Ankara isn`t going anywhere soon. As a matter of fact i think it`s here to stayyyyy! I wouldn`t mind if we had four days that would pass for the weekend, hahaha… Enjoy your week hun

  3. You look fantastic in this outfit and yes I agree, weekends should be 3 days not two. Like I literarily blink and it is done. Definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for this giveaway, as I love wearing African print in the summer particularly when I go away as its my way of taking a part of my identity with me.

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