This PJ top was made with me purposely in mind.

Hey lovelies.

I missed you all so much.

Goodness,  its feels like forever since my last post. Truth be told it’s been over a month now. I drafted this post a month ago and never got around to finish it. That’s just terrible I should admit. Maybe its because I started wearing this PJ top (hahaha)

cnp_6657I hope the month of October has been good to you. It has for me compare to September. Lot has happened on my end from travelling, work, funeral, illness and life events in general.

Below is just a quick summary of my life since my last post:

  • Work and Family. My son is starting prep next year and we went for the interview, which didn’t go quite as planned after all the practice and the lolly treats went out the window the minute we sat down to talk to the interviewer. Apart from that, I was just thankful and can’t wait for him to start next year. Work is busy but I love every minute of it.
  • A dear friend of mine lost her mother couple of weeks back and words can’t really describe her grief.  I pray God will heal her heart and help her find peace with time. Seeing her reinforces the importance of living life and appreciating every time with our love ones because you never know when you or them will depart from this world. Life is too short and we should celebrate our existence every day.
  • I am planning a trip back home to Sierra Leone this December after 14 years. Yes, that’s how long I haven’t seen my mother. Can’t wait for the reunion.
  • Reading, binge watching TV series is my usual relaxation method.


Now your turn, let me know what you have been up to in the comment box.

My Fashion Corner:

Let me start by saying that I picked up this Zara PJ top for $2. Yep! that right.

I know am always late with trends, but I was definitely sceptical about this one, when I first read about it in my cosmopolitan magazine. I knew it fit right up in my aisle being the lazy person that I am, but I was like this is laziness on a new whole level. At the back on my mind though I found this trend so cool. From my research it’s was streamline to street wear back in the 80s, but whoever decided to bring it back kudos to them.

I saw few in Zara and H & M stores, but it just wasn’t happening for me and then it does after I found the bargain at an Op (thrift) shop. Ok!! its quite obvious that the price got me in.


So in love with the silk and soft feel on you silk. Being wearing this top a lot lately, I will try and wear it to work one of these days because that’s the only place i haven’t worn it yet to.

I also learnt a lesson that never say never because you just don’t know.

Outfit details:

Top: Zara (thrift)

Jean: H & M (old)

Heels: Witchery (old)


  1. You did this pj’s look justice. I thought thesame thing to my self when I saw this lookbook on tv. Life is busy as usual here. I am happy for you that you will be able to travel back home after 14 years.
    My parents visited us last year summer, and I want to do everything in my power to bring them to US ever year. I need to pick up second job that will pay for that -may God help me.

    1. Thank you. I just can’t wait. That’s a great idea and I want to start doing the same after my visit. Amen and stay blessed dear

  2. Welcome back dear, of course you were missed. I am pretty sure your mom can’t wait either. 14 years is a long time girl, that’s like 500 years in dog years lol. Hope your friend finds peace and closure soon. Love how you’ve styled this pyjama top. Simply beautiful.

  3. Welcome back hunny….. Truly missed you here….. Your month has been such a handful, mine has been somewhat a breeze(ish) compared to September. So sorry for your friends loss, and I’m glad little boy secured a place….. 14 years sure is a long time and I’m sure that’ll be the highlight of your year….This trend is totally sexy, maybe it’s the fact that the pj is meant for the bedroom but girrrrrrrrrl, you have brought the sass out to the daylight….. Wishing you an awesome remainder of the week :* :*

  4. Yaaaiy..she’s back. Had missed your posts.
    I can’t imagine 14 years without seeing my mum..whaaaat!Am sure the reunion will be one amazing one..
    PJ Top? Who would have thought it’d look so good when paired with something else other than pyjamas pants..Absolutely lovely!

  5. Good to see you back after what seemed like forever but gal! It`s more than ok to take a break. We all need it in our lives. Glad that the interview is done and lil man starts school next year:) Can`t imagine how it would be for you to see your mom after 14 years!!! There is God ooh! Wishing you so much luck cause i now how hectic it is planning trips home. Awesome post Soni!

    1. Thank you hun for all the love and support and I know i need all the strength to plan my trip and also get my son ready for school. Stay blessed Hun

  6. Wow, wouldn’t have thought that was PJ. You styled it beautifully.
    I’m sure it’s a great feeling to have your boy start school; the grow so fast. How sad to hear of your friend’s mum’s passing. I pray she and her family are comforted. I’m certain it’d be great seeing your mum after so long. I hope the planning goes well.

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

    Funmi xx

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