“Just like they say. Life happens, move on”

You know what they say, bad things happen sometimes and it has nothing to do with luck. Just life! and you have to suck it up and move on. I had one of those random happenings yesterday.  My initial reaction was ‘WHY ME’ and ‘WHAT’s WRONG’ with me, which was followed by the horrible thoughts bombarding my brain of what might have caused it, I would not dare share with you.

Before I reiterate what happened yesterday. How are you all going? Today am off work because of a holiday here in Brisbane called the EKKA. Please don’t ask me what that is.The alarm went off, the snooze button was pressed, then the usual voice stuck on the repeat button ‘wake up, wake up’ it’s time for work. Suddenly the body responds to the annoying voice. The alarm went off again, but the eyes are refusing to obliged. screaming ‘ just one minute’. That’s my usual morning wake up session, by the way, am making real progress with my sleeping routine which I discussed in my previous post

I woke up, read my devotion of the day and the topic was ‘Abide in me’  did my thank you for this day Lord prayer and quickly browse my notifications and then off to shower. Got myself ready first and then wake my son up, get him ready and off we go (short version). I usually get to the childcare, pack my car, get him out and do the bye routine, which comprises of a hug, kiss and the fussing.

Yesterday, I turned into the car park, I found a spot close to the entrance and in my mind as I manoeuvre the car into the spot, I can see enough space in front of me and suddenly all I can hear is ‘BANG” and the scratching sound as I try to reverse. My heart just dropped.  I was really shaken by the experience, especially with my Son being in the car with me and he was asking ‘ Mummy, what happened?, but am glad we are both ok and the damage to both cars was not very severe.

I really fought hard, for the incident not to affect the rest of my day as the accident happened around 7.30am in the morning.

My moral from the accident was not to let one bad situation make you question all your other actions and sometimes you have no control of the situation. Bad things just happen sometimes no matter how much you try and prevent it.

Enjoy the rest of your week and it is what it is…

My Fashion Corner:

My love for bold colours is beyond bounds. I’m really not scared to try any colours. I love experimenting and honestly, I truly find me in bright colours as it helps me with my mood. I like being happy, which is not always the case. Let’s talk ‘yellow ‘the colour of sunshine, hope and happiness. Well! the words just say it all. White for my symbolises peace and purity. The different weighting behind these colours  always makes magic.  Just to really make the mix a little edgy  and add confidence and depth  ‘blue’ was the colour to do the job. You all know it by now am the colour block queen. I hope these colours bring to your day some sunshine, hope, happiness, peace, purity and some confidence.

Don’t forget to leave your comments and questions below.

Outfit details

Coat: Old

White short: Forever 21

T-shirt: Just Jeans

Heels: Lauren Marinis

Glasses: Sportgirl


  1. I’m so glad you are both alright and it wasn’t serious. Thank God.
    Love the outfit, yellow and blue looks really good

  2. Oh Sonia sorry for what happened to you! I have also had the same problem at one point but it happens to almost everyone at one point in life.You can’t change it now just accept it and thank God you and your son are fine . Hope you feel better now.
    Back to the look, you did a great job with the colours. yellow ,white and blue always look great!
    Enjoy your day

  3. Ooohmy dear!
    Glad you and mr. handsome are doing ok! This kind of things might happen to anyone. We are all human and no one is perfect. As you said it before, life happens. For some reason this reminds me of a video of a very good motivational speaker ( i have actually forgotten his name but i will tag you on the video) he was talking about what row row row your boat means. He mentioned one fact that i really thought made sense and that was that we should try and flow with what life offers us. He mentioned further that the main course of stress and overral depression and not being content with life in general is that we always tend to argue with reality and thats how we lose ourselves.. By the way i had to stop and search for hius name (Prince Ea) :).. Feel encouraged my dear!

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