“Every Experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it”

O’ death, where is your sting.  I’m shocked with the news of the sudden death of a dear aunt of mine. She went to bed on Tuesday and didn’t wake up, no one knew  till Friday because she live alone in her apartment (teary eyes).  She was one amazing and free spirited person full of life and happiness, and people always feed off her energy. It was never a dull moment with her.

Today I wanted to talk about my lazy weekend spent on my couch , but I would derive from that today and talk about LIFE.

Oh life what a vapour and irreplaceable commodity. How I wish we can get a chance to announce our departure to our family and friends.

I’m sitting here mesmerising how nothing can be taken for granted, one minute we are here and the next cannot be guaranted . We should seize every opportunity to be nice to the people we meet. I can just imagine how my aunt would have gone to bed that Tuesday with so many plans and dreams to achieve on Wednesday and she will never get the chance to fulfil. So am urging myself and you today to Live your life  and be happy and don’t go to bed sad or troubled especially with issues out of your control.

Don’t just believe, nothing come out of believing, you have to back it up by making that belief become a reality.

We may not be perfect people or have a perfect life, but we were created for a purpose and we should pursue that purpose with  passion.

Go out there and get involved and  expose yourself to the things you are passionate about, just so you will be able to see what else is out there out of your norms and comfort zone.


We may go through painful situations or experiences in life, in that pain build strength and resilience to pursue your life goal. Don’t let one person inability to appreciate you, make you question your unique being. You are special, embrace who you are.

Let’s start Celebrating our lives in whatever stage you we at because just like that it will be taken away from us.


My Fashion Corner:

I wanted to show you the chicky and lazy side of me today. The only thing missing is my cup of tea and my ugg boots

Outfit details:

sweater dress: H &M


  1. So sorry for your loss Soni! My condolence to goes out to your family my dear. May the Lord be your comfort in this time. I love how you quoted ,, never let someone inability to apprreciate you make you question yout unique being! Hoq powerful is that my dear???
    This should be preached all over. Love how different this post was.
    Have a lovely week hun

    1. Thanks Hun. I know babe sometimes we let others dictate how we live our lives. We should just embrace who we are and enjoy life the best way we know how. Enjoy your weekend too Hun

    1. Thanks babe. Living purposeful life is important because we never know tomorrow. Enjoy your week dear

  2. Oh dear Sonia am so so Sorry for your loss. May her soul rest in eternal Peace. Life can be challenging at time. However much we want to talk to God one on one and ask Him why He only picks the best , we only human beings and we can’t question Gods ways of doing things! We can only be thankful for the gift of life that he has offered us and keep on doing good .
    We live in very difficult times but we all unique in our own ways and thats what keeps us going.
    Looking lovely for this particular post!
    Enjoy your Sunday


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