Can you believe we are in March already…Oh my

Missed you all. Sorry about me being MIA  for a month. How are you all doing?. Honestly, I really don’t have an excuse for not making time for what I love, but sometimes my mind is just too occupied with things to accomplish and I tend to neglect other important aspects of my life (work in progress). Welcome to Autumn to all my Aussie fam.

OK! for me last month was really hectic. I was sick for two weeks with cold in summer can you imagine that. It was the most annoying weeks ever and to make matter worse cold sores on my nose and lip to crown it all ( annoying! annoying). Apart from that, everything else is great and blossoming.

Now to the best part of last month.

The ending of last year I made a decision and Prayed to God for a new beginning and to provide me with a Job. That will challenge and create a stepping stone to take my career to another level. He granted my request last month and I am still stunned. I’m praising him for what he has done and what he will continue to do. I still can’t believe it, let me rephrase! I believe it as he promised in psalms that those who delight in him he will grant them the desires of their heart.

After the Job interviews ( two in total) I was full of anxiety as I wait and pray. It was a double blessing as both jobs I went for offered me the position and I had to make a decision which was so hard but I followed my heart and I know God was guiding me in deciding. If you ask how I know God was with me in it, well I felt peace within when I accepted the last offer. God is peace and he is always there to help us navigate through life if we let him.

So that’s all for me and I wanted to tell you all that am fine and doing great apart from the cold and I also want you to pray for me as I start this new venture in my life.

Enough of me now. So what about you? Tell me what’s new with you below.

Enjoy your day and chat soon.

Fashion corner:

I wanted to wear this blouse for a while now and I just didn’t know how to style it as it has such powerful colours on it, after going through my closet I decided that the only way to make the top be the centre of attention is to pair it with a white bottom and let the colours on the blouse make all the noise. You all know I love my colours so I thought this Blue TB heels will go well instead of using white again which would have made the outfit look wash out, and to make it a little more pop I accessorise my hand with the beautiful yellow bag from gojane.

Outfit Details

Top: Shein, Jeans: Old, Heels: Tony Bianco (Leola), Bag: gojane



  1. Congratulations on your new job darling. The job market in Australia is so volatile now so when God shows up and does such amazing things in one’s life, all we have to say is “thank you papa”. I was thinking about you the other day and was going to leave you a message when I saw your new post on FB. Love the whole look Sonia. The bag is so cute. Stay blessed dear. xo

    1. Thanks Elsie. I know right things are changing in Australia everyday and I thank God for giving me the God because it was only by his Grace. God is really faithful. Enjoy your weekend

  2. My love…. I missed you ohhhh so much….. First, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on your new job. I’m so happy for you love and surely God is good and there is no way but up for you…. I pray that you settle in well and continue to grow in your field. Your outfit is popping ma!!!!!! whoooooooooosh!!!!! I absolutely love it. I had a busted lip few days ago but mine was caused by allergies, i looked like a freak and i can totally relate how it sucks….. Glad you are getting better and I wish you full recovery hunny…. Sending you a big hug XX

  3. I can’t even believe we in March already, Christmas was just the other day ! Oh hun congratulations on your new job, He is an amazing God and He grants us all our needs . I can see and smell spring all over in this post you know we still struggling here with winter and snow but knowing that spring is coming and your outfit giving me the positivity feels so good. I find that top more than amazing and you blended it so well with the heels and handbag!
    You never go wrong dear!
    Enjoy your Weekend

    1. Tell me about it. Time flies and if you are not mindful you will miss it. Thanks Hun he is so awesome and all the praise belong to Him. Not long now and you will say good bye to winter

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