There are days when all I want is a lazy day to stay in bed and do nothing, it been those days lately as the weather is too hot to do anything at all. I should be grateful which  I am but oh my. So how have you all been? Hot or Cold?

I haven’t been up to much lately just Work and Tennis. I am a big Tennis Fan, but I never held a racket to play that’s weird I know! So yesterday was Women’s Final at the Australia Open tournament and Serena Williams lost I was almost in tears and turn my TV off just to calm my nerves and get some water to soothe my dry throat after screaming so many C’MON, C’MON SW its was just too hard for me to take so I went straight to bed and didn’t even wait for the closing ceremony, but to be fair the opponent Angelique Kerber played exceptionally well.
As I write this post it dawn on me how we give up on others because they are not doing what we expect of them or how sometimes people give up on us and our dreams after few failures but God never gives up on us no matter how much mess we got ourselves into that it’s too hard for others to watch. Me for example how I turned the TV off, but God will still keep it in live view with his utmost attention and continue to scream in a still small voice C’MON, C’MON right to the end of it all and wait for the closing ceremony where we should give him thanks and sometimes we forget to do that thinking we got there by our own might but he is still loving despite our forgetfulness.

God is faithful no matter what and he is closer than you think. Now Shout the victory and praise for God is  faithful. Stay bless and keep moving.

My Fashion Corner:

Black, Black, Black is all I see now and wanted to almost do a black on black look but I decided to add a little hint of  gold just to make it interesting. I love the colour black and am glad fashion have erased all the negativity surrounding this colour and give it a fair go as the other colours. Its such a great colour to wear by itself or can be combined with almost all other colours to make a look come to live. So for me I used Gold and I just love how it’s so subtle and create a sparkle effect for the look.

Outfit details:

Coat: Old. Pants: Zara, Belt: Bardot. Heels: Tony Bianco


  1. There is a german show thats always being aired in Tv every year and its always being filmed in Australia, Its called the “Jungle King/ Queen” where german celebrities live in the jungle for 16 days and the one that survives the tests become king or queen and yesterday a very humble young man who always says C’MON just won and I was so happy for him and he cried like a baby with tears of joy. You just reminded me of him with the C’MON here. Felt sorry for Serenas loss but she took it positively.
    And Today also watched the Jamie and Nikki birth Vlog! And your outfit and Australia just made my Weekend sweets. You guys are the bomb.
    That belt is an eye catcher and love the all black ensemble on you!
    Enjoy your Sunday dear

    1. Awww that’s so sweet. I think have heard of the show but never watched it. You should come and visit soon. Enjoy your week

  2. Beautiful outfit Sonia. You rock those pants sister girl. Yes, God is faithful and never gives up on us even when we have given up on ourselves. Blessings to you and family my dear. xo

  3. Looooooooooool i could literally picture you screaming at the scores while watching tennis. You should consider starting to play just for fun…. I actually used to play back in school. Nairobi is hot as well right now but the general weather is so inconsistent…. One time it’s hot the next it’s pouring HARRRD!!! ok, Do you know you are a GEM? i mean, you seriously are a beautiful creature, and how you just put your outfits together always has me gasp…. I totally love this look especially…. sexy hunny, SE X YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
    Have a blessed weekend hun… love you :*

    1. Awww… Was screaming my head out haha. Oh well it past now. Just like you Hun we are GEMS. Enjoy your week babe.

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