Well, I guess I will start by wishing you all a Merry Christmas in advance as its only a day away. How are you all been? Are you still doing last minute shopping or are you some of the planned and organised ones who get everything done and dusted early and look at us going crazy trying to find last minute presents.

Anyway, this year am very lucky as my sister did and wrap all the Christmas presents which all belong to one person who is the master of the house “My son”. Also, my best Friend got Married on the weekend and it was an amazing wedding am still recovering from it all.
Last Sunday the pastor at church ask the congregation a question and it has been on my mind ever since, so I’m going to ask you all the same question. What is Christmas to you?

Well to me Christmas is two things Christ & Family. As a Christian during this season I believe its the best time to tell others about the real reason for the Celebration, which is the savior of the world was born and his name is Jesus.

Enjoy Christmas and stay safe….

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Fashion Corner:

I will just describe this look in one word “Lazy”. When you are having a bad hair day use the cap to over the mess up, when your T-Shirt is not properly Iron use the wool jumper top to over it up and your Sneaker to make it all look glam and casual.

Jumper Top: Kmart, Shirt: Zalora-From the Iconic, Sneaker: Nike


  1. I love your look so much. Lucky son of yours, he gets all the presents and lucky you didn’t have to do any wrapping. I hate wrapping presents cos I suck at it. Christmas means love to me. He loved us so much he gave us His son. It symbolizes love for me. Love for God and our neighbors and our selves. I trust you had a good one. Happy Holidays.

    1. Thanks Idu. My Christmas was great too. Hate wrapping too and am not even good a doing it too. Glad to know what Christmas means to you. Take care

  2. My dear Sonia, hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family too. I kid you not, even rags will look stylish on you. Love your lazy glam look, its perfect for the weather and season. I told you I saw the photos of the wedding, they are absolutely gorgeous, your friend is such a lucky girl and a stunning bride to boot. BTW your comment on my blog brought a tear to my eye. Sister girl, you have inspired me in many ways too. Keep the fire burning, the sky is the limit. Hugs darling!!!

    1. Your kind words always melt my heart. You are always welcome as you have been a great support to me and for that am always greatful. Happy new year and hope your Christmas and new year was great.

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