Stop looking back and start heading forward.

Everyone got a story and a past, some are good and some are bad. I have noticed that bad memories tend to occur and replay in our mind. We wish we could go back and change it or do it over again; well unfortunately time is not in our control. Our past is only going to be, therefore, we should be in control of it so it does not affect us negatively. Many people are immovable today living a life that’s’ not destined for them because of their past. Why let the past control you when the present is right here. It’s time we start looking forward and focusing on what’s right in front of us. Forget about that friend, boyfriend, husband, house, money or whatever it is that’s all in the past now.

My Fashion Corner:

So the weather was in my favour that day, when I took my sister and son out for lunch after catching up with a friend of mine who took the pictures. I’m not the sneaker type person but I have few and decided to start putting them to use starting with my Nike giving my calf a rest after all the high heels I love wearing, even though some are not the most comfortable thing in the world. Moving on I saw this flattering casual chic dress in my closet and tell me self, self this is the one to wear today with the nike sneaker you have been hiding in your shoe closet for these past months. I was glad I did and you will be seeing a bit of sneaker from now on as I found a new favourite in my closet.

Outfit details: Dress: Valleygirl, Sneaker: Nike, bag: Adorneme


  1. You are the eye catcher in this bodycon dress I guess there was so much audience during the photoshoot. Stripes and sport shoes really look sporty and chic at the same time and you are the bomb cause that figure allows you to rock everything from A-Z!

    And very true, the past is gone , good moments are kept as memories and tough or worst moment are the lessons of life and we should be thankful or better said grateful for.
    Thank you for the great post and I wish you a great Weekend

    1. Babe like you can tell eyes were all over. Kind words and you have a great body too. Very true we should be grateful for both good and bad memories. Enjoy your weekend too.

  2. So I totally agree with self. The sneakers work really well with that dress that fits you as if it was stitched around your body frame. You look fierce darling girl, you are sizzling in this dress. Now about the past business, geez our people love to dwell in the past. They often start with “in those days” and laudy laudy, get ready for all the stories that they may have already told you like five hundred times. *sighs* Anywho, hope life is treating you well this week. xo

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