Are you under the Tunnel?

Gosh this week went fast, hope you are enjoying your week so far and if you aren’t better days are ahead.
The Tunnel! I’m sure most of us have driven under a tunnel and get that feeling of driving on what seems like an endless road to our destination. Oh the urge I usually get to just get out of there as I don’t like driving at a slower speed limit in a dark and  narrow road. Have you also noticed that it’s the only time we tend to lose all our aids helping us on the journey, suddenly the GPS lost signal and the radio our source of livelihood also goes off.                                                 But as you keep driving you tend to pick up the signal intermittently and the radio may come on also if you check that’s how God works while we go through dark times in our lives. He may not talk to us all the time, but speak to us briefly reminding us of his promises and then stay quiet and our CD player we revert to is the word of God we have listened to over and over in preachings or by reading our bible, but now its making more sense and we get new revelations from the same verse or chapter we have read over and over again which help us to keep up the faith and hold on.
We go through the tunnel in our lives and it can be scary, especially for some people that do not know their destination or without navigation. It can be a frightening place to be in because it looks endless and narrow. Trust me, I get scared driving under the tunnel let alone going through it in my life but believe that you are not driving alone your father is with you all the way like he promised in Hebrews 13 vs 5 he will never leave you nor forsake you.
Don’t know what you are going through at the moment, maybe you are under the tunnel and it looks like there’s no destination. I’m here to let you know that you’re not the only one. Be rest assured that there is a destination and when you get there it will all be worth it.
Shortcuts in life sometimes seems to be the best option. But what about taking the straight route which may seem long, but can take you to your destination and will teach you lots of life changing lessons while you travel.

Remember If God put you there then he has a greater purpose for the Journey.  So I ask again are you in a Tunnel? If you are Hold on and keep travelling.

My Fashion Corner:

I just love how this playsuit make the outfit look so simple, but stylish at the same time. It was given to me by my sister OK let me rephrase forcefully took it off her I guess that’s one of the advantages of having a sister who is the same size as you. I pair it with my aldo heels which I found somewhere in my closet as I haven’t worn them since I bought them from a closing down sale (Love my sales) and then my go to clutch bag. I’m not a big fan of playsuit but this one got me good and am sure I will be adding more of it. This was one of the simple, easy and chic outfit have put together so far.

So how do you wear your playsuits? Enjoy your day folks and talk soon…

Outfit Details: Playsuit: Valleygirl, Heels: Aldo, Clutch: Adorne


  1. I can’t believe I am commenting on your post at work hehe. Isn’t it great that there are openings at both sides of the tunnel? and when we keep going we slowly but surely approach the light and then the opening, the return of all signals, the fresh air, the natural light? Sister, this is what hope looks like. Trusting God for the unseen things as we know he is always there for us. No one stays in the tunnel forever. No matter how long it is as long as you keep persevering you definitely get to the exit Alleluia. I would have also (jorg hand) forcible taken that play suit from my sister too. I believe your sister will be proud with the justice you’ve done to it. It suits you, you’ve styled it well and you look great. Have a great day sweetie! xo

    1. Haha I sometimes write my post at work so am not alone now I know I have a companion. It is always good to know when you get out the fresh air we experience is unexplainable. Trusting God during these times is hard but I believe its the only way to keep the faith and persevere to the end . Mama Yah r always dey Jorg hand eh clothes them. Thanks love for the compliment

  2. Ok………….First, you are insanely fierce hunny waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt!!!! this look is so hot i cant even deal…. the dark lippie topped it off and the playsuit brought out the sexy in you…. I have two play suits in my closet but can you believe i’ve NEVER worn em…. this has inspired me and I’ll sure work on a look for them….. Your post is so inspiring and has honestly lifted my spirit today.. Just got to the office and have been feeling meh since i got up… thank you for this and have a blessed day…. Hugs XX

    1. Awwww You are just too Kind my lady. You better take yours out and slay it as you always do haha. Am glad this lifted your spirit we all need motivation at times from each other.
      Love you Hun

  3. Okay this is such a stunning look. Glad your sis had that playsuit for you to take cos you styled it perfectly. What a great analogy! Makes a lot of sense too. I’m blown away by this write up. Kudos to you for that. I will forward to a friend that is under a tunnel right not, it should give her hope, Amen.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Idu. So Glad am able to steal the things I like from her wardrobe haha. I have been under the Tunnel recently and thought I should share my experience. I pray and Hope as you forward this to your friend she will find hope that all is not lost and she will eventually see the light. Enjoy your day and Stay bless

  4. Actually your name in german means sunny , differently written but the same pronounciation, “SONNIG” and in this post you are the sunshine that shines in the middle of the tunnel! you look more than gorgeous in this playsuit, The shoes and the dark lippie worked perfect to it and I love your encouragements love.
    Wish you an awesome Weekend !

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