A couple of days ago I was watching a Nigerian Movie and one of the actress defined each letter of the word FOCUS which was quite intriguing and inspiring to me so I thought to share it with you: FOCUS=Follow One Course Until Succeed

Hope your Sunday is going great. As for me Sunday has always been my favourite day of the week as it’s always so peaceful and that’s put me also in a relaxed mood to rejuvenate myself to start a new week.

I was thinking a couple of days ago how I sometimes get so busy and forget to enjoy the process of the journey, Do you feel the same way too?  Don’t get me wrong am greatful for every opportunity, but what’s the point if you are so busy doing and not experiencing anything. So  I have decided to start focusing on one thing at a time until I succeed instead of trying  to achieve so many goals at one time which sometimes set me up to fail.

So going forward and making it a conscious effort to stop doing things that are not of interest to me and focus on things that are, start my day with one positive thought, set myself boundaries and leave the rest in the arms of my God and Saviour, trusting him that he has everything under control. Further to this I will be enjoying every sip of my coffee, smell it, focus on the taste and think about the effort put into brewing it for my enjoyment and not just rush to gulp it down to make me feel more awake and energetic .

Relax, take deep breaths and soak up every moment of your life as you never know that may be your last.

My Fashion Corner:

As it’s Spring in Australia I have been playing around with different colours in my closet. I bought this red scuba skirt from asos it was love at first sight am not really quite sure why the great attraction I just love it so I decided to wear my pink knit jumper with it as its wasn’t really cold nor hot that day so it was just perfect for the weather. Pink and red are two vibrant colours  so I thought my nude sexy sandals from missguided was the best option to seal the look and the handbag the gem hidden somewhere in my closet to compliment the outfit and bumping into was my lucky day.

Outfit details: Top: Asos, Skirt: Asos, Heels: Missguided Similar, Handbag:

Enjoy you Sunday and chat soon. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave your comments below.


  1. I have always lived this color combo.. But I have personally never put it to test! And this look just proved to me once again how amazing pink and red goes together.
    Its very important to focus in everything we do so as to have a good direction of where we are going to… This is so encouraging dear.. And your blog is just a breath of fresh air! So are you Sonish…

    1. Awwww just love your kind heart dear. You gotta venture in these colours just love pink and red and thought why you do a combo of both. It’s so important boo to focus on one thing at a time and succeed instead of going in so many directions and not going anywhere at all. Take care dear and chat soon

  2. I know Sonia, tell me about the busyness of this world. We are all running to get to the top. No one wants to crawl or walk anymore. How can one smell anything when we are always in such haste? I blame it on social media. Too much information too quickly is a contributing factor to this distraction. I love the description of FOCUS. I need to smell the coffee and flowers to curb the stress. Great post dear. xo

    1. I tell you Elsie everything is quick fix and everyone is so busy for themselves to really enjoy life itself. Am just going to take one day at a time and let God take control of the rest. Life is too short to always be in a hurry. Thanks dear. Enjoy the start of a new week.

  3. I love love this outfit so much, Pink and Red you look more than gorgeous . Everything is on point and the shoes are perfect. You combined everything so well!
    I never even know where to start from when it comes to sparing your time and doing what you like . Its just not so easy cause that that we don’t enjoy doing are the once that are always top on the list of our “Must be done” but that that you enjoy doing have so little time or at times no time at all. And sure at times its okay to just drop everything you doing and just enjoy a cup of coffee even if it means exams are by the door, Its all about being positive and hoping all works out well.
    Wish you a lovely Sunday my girl and have a great start into the new Week


    1. So true dear Sometimes the things we love the most we make little time for and the things we don’t we stress ourselves trying to achieve. Its always hard to find time for yourself but we all have to do for our sanity at least. Enjoy your week too dear and thanks for stopping by.

  4. Amazing! This is what I wrote on my facebook page on Thursday “I got a word today, very loud and clear. This was what I heard: If you knew the places I am taking you, you will shut up and enjoy the journey! I hope you are encouraged by that as much as I am”.
    Imagine my surprise when I saw this post! I think I am chief when it comes to worrying. I can sit and tell myself a bad outcome is coming out of something, envision the bad outcome and instantly start being sick. I am glad I got the word, I am working on that.
    You look really beautiful my dear.

    1. Babe we are in the same boat I worry about almost everything in my life robbing myself of the Joy and Peace God promised me. I was so blessed by the revelation from watching the movie and asked God to forgive me for not trusting him enough to just relax and enjoy the journey. Still taking the baby steps to surrender totally for him to do the amazing things he has for me. I hope that you will start trusting him more and worry less and it’s doing us no good at all. Thanks beautiful and stay bless

  5. I just read your About page and saw you are married with a son??!! Damn girl, i thought you’re 17…meaning you look great!!!!!! Love your piece here and it’s a sure thing to focus on one thing and you just made my day to rethink how i’m going to focus on my new business. Thank you and have a lovely spring

    1. haha you are funny. Thanks for the compliment though. All the best on your new business and I know being focus will make you achieve all the goals you have set for yourself. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Its was a wake up moment for me too. such an inspiration version. You keep shining too Hun and will stop over at your blog soon.

  6. Ohhhh my………… hunny…. sorry i’m late reading this, but i just loooooooooooooooooove this look…. such a beautiful post, and the scenery and you outfit just oozes life and vibrance…. You are so gorgeous and the ensemble came together so well…. those shoes *sigh*…. Hugs XX

    1. Its OK hun I totally understand. You always have the right words to make my day. Thank you for being you in a beautiful way. Love you

    1. You are always so kind Laura. Hope you are keeping well and we should all focus on one thing at a time and make it work well.

  7. First off love the outfit, but I adore that acronym for Focus. It hits the nail on the head and puts into words some of what I’ve been feeling recently when it comes to my own blog and growth. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in things we do forget to enjoy them. It’s the journey not the destination. I’ll definitely be using that from now on!

    1. You are so right, we always get so focused on the destination and not on the journey. Awwww am glad you find this useful and thanks for your kind words. Enjoy your week dear

  8. Girl, How intriguing .. am writing this strigh from Bloglovin. . So excited to see your post on Bloglovin. keep doing what you do best
    yaa love that FOCUS discription
    Phew. . that shoes love it love it.?

    1. Thanks my beautiful Kate. Am getting there slowly and thanks for all you tremendous help and support. Stay bless and thanks for stopping by

    1. You are so kind beautiful. Thanks for the compliment and am loving every bit of it. Hope you are enjoying your current season. Thanks for stopping by..

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