“You have to love yourself or you’ll never be able to accept compliment from anyone” Dean Wareham

So how is your week going so far? Hang in there one more day till the weekend. As for me this week is going faster than I thought even though I was unwell at the start but feeling much better now.

Are you the attention seeker or approval seeker type? We all need attention and approval sometimes, but not depend on it to feel appreciated.

Always wanting people to appreciate and compliment us for what we do for them is frustrating and the reason we notice it, is because we haven’t practiced it on ourselves. So today am sharing with you the best kept secret to cure this frustration and it’s  simple and easy to follow wait for it and here it comes, Start to appreciate & compliment YOU everyday  for the simplest things you do for yourself and to yourself no matter how small or habitual they may seem and it won’t bother you if people do it or not because you know who you are and the help you offer or compliment given to them does not have to be reciprocated as your intention was only done out of love.

Always Remember that feeling Loved, Appreciated and Beautiful start from within. Embrace the beautiful you that you are and don’t let the opinions of others tamper that image of you.

My Fashion Corner:

There was not much thought put into this, I love my bright colours so going into my closet and seeing these two pieces fill me with joy literally as I did similar colours in this post but wearing a dress. This blue top is a set by the label paint it red so I decided to break them up to day and hook it up with this bright orange body con skirt I got from a small shop in the city and it was an instant attraction and to intensify the feeling I add in my Tony Bianco heels and I was ready to stand out and make a statement haha but these colours are so bright and people will recognize you from afar and that will alert them of your arrival which tell them you know who you are and confident enough to make a loud entrance.

So tell me what are your favourite statement colours?

Outfit Details: Top: Paint it Red, Skirt: My Special Find, Heels: Tony Bianco, Bag: Zalora from the ICONIC- SOLD OUT

Cherish the Way you Sparkle

Chat soon Lovelies and thanks for stopping by. Also love reading and replying to your comments


  1. ooooooooooooohhhh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! the shoes *faints*………….. Ok, this color combo is EVERYTHING…… i am totally sold now that we are sisters…. Did this color combo a while back and I am just speechless at how pretty you look…. Your smile is the cutest thing ever….and again… the SHOEEEEES *faints* ….. You totally nailed it hunny…. Such a beautiful post on self love :* :*

    1. Haha I know we were sisters from the first day I saw your pic and i was like how come did our mom send us to different countries to grow up. I was the pic of the combo you did and i loved it. You are too kind and thanks why i love you. Stay bless hun.

  2. You are such a cutie!!! Cant even deal with all of this awesomeness hun! This colors really scream summer! Ooh how I miss thee now!! And yes! You can’t be able to live someone or even anything if it doesn’t start from within! Love how you put that beautifully in your own words! You couldn’t have said it better than that! Awesome post?? My week hasn’t been good either but reading this makes me feel.much better…

    1. Your words always put a smile on my face. You are such a beautiful soul and crossing path with you is a blessing. Thanks love for always lifting me. Stay bless Hun

  3. Great post Sonia and thanks for the reminder. We are sometimes too hard on ourselves and tend to thrive on approval from others but as you’ve said if we know who we are then in as much as the compliment will lift our spirits, it will not bother us if none is given. Glad to hear that you feel a lot better now. These colors look great on you dearie and those heels are too cute. xo

  4. I love how you embrace colour! What a welcome change. I’ve read several blogs in the last week where people have tried talking about how wonderful black is. Ugggh. Sure, it has a place but really, bring on the colour! So many beautiful colours in the world. My favourites at the moment are turquoise and I also love hot pink (not necessarily together).

    1. Such kind words and I really appreciate the compliment. Tell me about it so many beautiful colours in the world to always wear black. Am glad to know your favourite colours and we have something in common which is pink. Thanks for stopping by…

  5. Hi Sonia, I love your orange skirt and blue stilettos….you have paired beautiful contrast of blue top with orange skirt…its a rich style statement…I will also try it..!!

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