Happy Mid Week.

I have been remisnising about when I decided to start blogging early 2014, after long procrastination I finally decided to start in April this year. Looking back at it now, am glad I started this blog which enable me to show case my style, belief and passion to the world. Now I truly believe that whatever you focus on you move towards. The blogging platform is all new to me but am enjoying every bit of the learning process, especially interacting with wonderful and talented people.

I started this Journey with a single step and with one purpose, to be able to add value to someone else’s life by being me. Its takes a lot of will power to stay true to who you are in this blogging world, because the influences are too great. I constantly have to remind myself that I was not created to blend in but stand out in the crowd, not in a proud way but I want to look back and be happy that this was all me (Love the feeling every post).

There is something about being yourself that makes you beautiful, and people can sense that. Be your own competition and make the changes necessary. Always take a second to always reevalute why you are doing something, If someone have influence you in a way remember to ask yourself if this is you. You can emulate someone but don’t lose yourself in it. Copying is hard work and it never last.. But being an original goes a long way as you always find ways to improve.

Enjoy the rest of your week and chat soon.

Outfit Details: Top: Dissh, Skirt: Missguided, Heels: Tony Bianco, Clutch: Adorne, Lips: Australis


  1. You are doing a good job of it Sonia dear, keep it up as its only up from here I say. This outfit is super cute. Love the attitude in the photos :).

  2. You are very correct my dear, your story about blogging is just like mine. I felt there were alot of people out there already blogging and that I had nothing to offer. Then day in day out I keep praying for God to use me mightily; I went to church on a sunday in June not knowing I will start blogging that day. The preacher spoke about being proactive and that was it for me. How can God use me if I keep sitting in my comfort zone and not willing to opt for change and growth.
    God bless you my dear and by the way, you are doing a great job. Keep it up I love your style.

  3. I’m so glad that I discovered you were also a blogger. on that fateful night back in July. You truly write from the heart and you inspire me every day when I see you. You’re truly wonderful and I’m so glad to call you friend. Love your point about copying being hard work, I’ve spent loads of time in the past trying to emulate more popular bloggers and it left me feeling empty and exhausted, not to mention broke!

  4. Being your own competition is such great advice in everything. It’s so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others, and nothing productive comes of that. Fantastic post!

    1. Thanks Claire. Am glad to got something out of this post. Very true comparing yourself with others is such a waste of time. Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.

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