Hi Dearies,
Hope you all are well and doing great.

Since the end of last year i decided to start wearing my smile no matter the situation. I am a worrisome type who constantly have anxiety about everything and anything, being a christian has always helped to minimize  it with preaching and reading the word of God and believing in it.
Life is not always easy to figure out as you never know the turns and curves i guess that when faith comes in play. I am presently reading a book called battling unbelief by John Piper to help me in this area of my life.

This boyfriend shirt was love at first sight. I got a bigger size as i was going for an over sized kinda look. Hope i did it justice.

Till then… Keep at it God will come through for you.

Outfit details

Boyfriend Shirt – theiconic (Zalora)
Heels: Mascotte Heels
Bag: Me & My Trend
Watch: Temt


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